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Mountain Made B♭ Whistle

Mountain Made Bb Whistle
Mountain Made Bb Whistle

The Mountain Made Bb whistle is the result of receiving so many requests for a back to basics whistle. Many folks asked for an easy to clean whistle with accurate tuning, no tuning slide, and an extra smooth bore for the best sound possible. The Mountain Made Bb whistle is a nice addition to anyone’s collection and is in stock for at once shipping.

The Mountain Made Bb whistle is made with a single piece body of ultra white polymer pipe with a dark grey poly plug and a removable top cap for quick and easy cleaning of the mouthpiece. Whistle is 14.25“ long overall.

The tone body is a large diameter pipe and has large finger holes with Easy Reach fingering between holes.
The Mountain Made Bb whistle is also comfortable for folks with large and extra large hands because of the large diameter tone body. Large finger holes make half holing easy and adds to the volume and ornamentation possibilities on this whistle.

The mouthpiece top cap slides off for easy cleaning and clips back in place with improved snap action. The Mountain Made Bb whistle has a rich, full tone and plenty of volume. This is a whistle that will take powerful playing and still have minimal breath requirements. Light, sharp tonguing will bring out the clarity, tone and precise pitch of the Mountain Made Bb whistle.

This whistle is perfect for playing in the Key of Bb,Eb and Cm with no cross fingering to learn.
The Mountain Made Bb is a take anywhere whistle that will play in all kinds of weather and temperature conditions and can take years of play with little or no effect on fit and finish.

The Mountain Made Bb comes with a color coded fingering chart and whistle tips and instructions sheet. A quality cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included for maintaining your new whistle.

Wicked Good Thumb rings now available! Order your thumb ring with your WhistleSmith whistle or flute and we will ship it for free! Why do you need a Thumb Ring? If you ever dropped your car keys, you know the answer to this question. Don’t drop your whistle! Get a grip on your whistle that doesn’t slip and play with all fingers open with confidence!

Priced at $39.95 – Shipping Calculated at checkout.

Whistle Color

What People Say for Spring and Summer ’09

This section of What People Say! will be available for additions. If you have non commercial information you would like to share with other whistlers just send me an email.


Dear Skye,

Thank you for the lovely note about your whistle. I really appreciate you letting us know that you have received your Low G and your comments on the whistle. Thank you so much as your note really made my day. Rod Brewer, The WhistleSmith

Hi Rod,

I just opened the low G whistle this morning and played for 5 minutes before work. Beautiful! I love it! Makes me want to replace my high D with one of yours, and save up for a low D, too.

And the thumb ring is great. Don’t know how much traditional music I’ll ever learn in this lifetime, but this beautiful sound is perfect for a lot of what I do, and a nice change from the silver flute.

You have a fan 🙂 Skye

This is a very nice letter with good information on the thumb ring. Thanks Crystal!

Hi Rod,

The Ultra Bb arrived safely and quickly became my favorite whistle! The first thing I thought when I saw the mouthpiece was, “This thing

is a work of genious!” And it is. I have 3 other whistles, different brands and different keys, and they’re all hard to clean and not

nearly as comfortable to play. I also love the thumb rings. I use one for each hand, and I never realized how tense I got playing all holes

open, until I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Whistling is the great joy I always thought it could be, thanks to your wonderful

whistle! Thank you, and feel free to publish this if you like.


The following post comes from Beryl Branin, who is building a blog with news and music to download.

Hi Folks .

I’m still a’whistlin’ and having a great time — thank you. Just thought you might be interested in reading the March post I’ve put on my blog.

Gura mile maith, Beryl Branin > grams blog banner

Dear Beryl,

My wife Nadiene and I are very impressed with your blog and the time you have taken to let us know you like your whistles. I will post your email on the WhistleSmith blog so others can read your note in “What people say”

Your email has certainly made our day while we have been cooped up with three days of very bad winter weather. Thanks again for your note, Rod Brewer, The WhistleSmith

Slide Flute finds New Friends and Places to Play!

I have been busy making inventory this winter and one instrument that has been consistently in demand is the slide flute. The Pennywhistle and Symphony Slide Flutes have both been found to be very satisfactory instruments for children and adults with Down Syndrome.

These folks love music and the interaction that it gives them with others. Playing the slide flute is a good therapy for improved breathing and an inexpensive way to provide an instrument that is easy to play and fits into family activities.

Because the slide flute can be played very loudly, I am providing extra poly plugs to limit volume and allow a quieter more mellow sound if required. Inserting the poly plugs also cuts down on the amount of air required to play the flute.

An adjustable poly plug on the slide rod now allows adjustment to the tension of the slide. You can adjust the size of the plug with a common Phillips head screwdriver for best fit in the flute bore. Lubrication of the whistle remains a single drop of olive oil.

From information that I have recently received, I understand that the slide flute works best when the person learning to play starts out with making as many different sounds as possible. The sliding sounds are at first most popular. It is best if the person who is instructing tries to mimic the student’s lead on the sounds being played.

After a session or two, the student generally begins to be confident enough to try blowing notes that are like the instructor. Making up tunes of their own is a large part of the fun and should be included in the daily routine. Loud and unexpected sounds are also very pleasing to the student and a part of relaxing and enjoying the music.

As sessions with the slide flute progress the student will become inventive and spend more time with the instrument. The instructor should encourage outdoor playing situations and search out some interesting settings where there are good acoustics. Echoes from the slide flute are especially nice sounds and the student will be encouraged by the improved music sounds they are getting from their slide flute.

Other ideas, like the student playing a rhythm line using a set single note and the instructor playing a tune that is familiar can produce wonderful results. Part of the fun is finding the perfect note for the student to play along with the instructor’s tune. As time progresses, the student can reverse the role and play the tune and the instructor can play the drone and rhythm line.

Tips about Antique Reviews – Second Hand Instruments – RIP Archives

I get a lot of calls and emails from folks inquiring about other whistle makers and instruments that they may have acquired second hand. Here is what I say.

1. Don’t buy second hand unless you can physically play the whistle and find out if it fits you and the type of music you are playing. Many whistles that are second hand have been modified by previous owners and may not be the same sounding instrument as it was when new. If the seller doesn’t want the instrument and is trying to sell it, maybe you won’t want it either. Would you buy a car without trying it out?…same deal with a whistle or anything else.

2. Do not put your faith in on line reviews that are out of date or based on second hand instruments that were once owned by the writer and are now traded off. Don’t take anyone’s word on how a particular brand plays or how wonderful it is. They are basing their opinion on one instrument out of perhaps hundreds of dozens made by the same whistle maker. Stradivarius when making violins surely didn’t make every instrument with the same sound. Whistle makers usually have several models in the same key, so find the
one that suits you best.

3. If you are a professional musician and are looking for an instrument that has a specific sound, go to the maker and play instruments until you find what you are looking for. The cost is minimal and whistlers should be as picky as a guitarist (play on words) or a violin player.

I get dozens of folks that drop by in the run of a year that are looking for a specific instrument. These folks are looking for their specific sound and they usually find an instrument that suits their needs. Often times they switch from a whistle to a flute or fife to get the sound they require. I sometimes regret I am off the path in Northern Maine as I’m sure many more folks would show up if the shop was farther south. But there again, I would miss all my Canadian friends that come by on their vacations and
play a tune and purchase instruments.

4. Don’t take chat room advice on buying whistles. It is entertaining to a degree to chat with others interested the same things you are interested in. However, many “chatters” will say they own or owned a particular whistle or flute and give it a thumbs up or down in favor of another brand. This is not always the truth and you have no way of verifying anything the “chatter” tells you.

5. No whistle maker wants to sell you an incorrectly made whistle or a whistle that does not fit your type of music. I see and handle dozens of instruments from other makers each year.The only thing that is consistently wrong with these instruments is a problem anyone can fix. Without fail, the instrument has simply never been cleaned!

6. Check to see if the instrument you are going to purchase is still being made. Many online stores are selling old inventory,unpopular models or the maker is out of business or deceased and has been for some time. Warranties are no good to you if there is no one home anymore to make them valid.

7. Check the web site you are reading to see if the postings are current and really valid. If the web site is a cemetery of old information, Antique Reviews and long gone makers, let the writer know in a kindly manner to put those entries in an RIP (rest in peace) directory so everyone is reading valid, up to date information.

Help yourself and help everyone else at the same time by letting others know the information they are reading is current.

WhistleSmith Thumb Ring – Small and Large


What is the difference between a Thumb Post and a Thumb Ring?

This is The WhistleSmith Thumb ring that snaps to the body of the whistle and rotates for most comfortable playing position.

Some folks would like a Thumb ring for both hands so I am listing them as an individual item.

Low whistles and flutes take a large ring and Hi whistles and flutes use a small ring. WhistleSmith Thumb rings are made to fit only WhistleSmith whistles and flutes. Pick Thumb ring size to fit your whistle and Add it to Your Cart. We will ship your Thumb ring with your whistle order.


Thumb ring size

I recently received a note from a music teacher who instructs both children and adults on playing the whistle. She was not familiar with the thumb ring and asked if I would explain how a thumb ring was constructed and how it works versus a thumb post.

I do not make a thumb post, however some makers include them with their whistles. A thumb post snaps onto your whistle and will keep your whistle from rolling and falling off a table. However, a thumb post has little value for holding your whistle. Thumb posts are generally injected molded and tend to break if snapped on and off the whistle frequently.

The WhistleSmith thumb ring is made from schedule 40 pipe and hand riveted together to make a very strong clip and ring combination. There are 20 steps involved in making a single thumb ring and each step is done by hand. WhistleSmith thumb rings are made to last, but can be easily repaired with common tools if necessary.

Here are some advantages to using a WhistleSmith thumb ring.

  • The WhistleSmith thumb ring is a full circle ring for your thumb. The ring swivels on a clip which snaps onto your whistle to allow movement and angle adjustment to the ring for the most comfortable playing position.
  • You have a solid grip on your whistle without having to practice fingering positions when using the thumb ring.
  • The thumb ring prevents your whistle from rolling off the counter or table top if you lay it down.
  • The thumb ring lets you hang your whistle on a cup hook or a wall pin when you are not playing. This provides a secure storage for your whistle and keeps it out of harms way.
  • Playing with a thumb ring improves your technical skills by eliminating learning hand grips when playing with all the holes open on your whistle.
  • You will not drop your whistle when you are playing because your lips anchor the end of your whistle and the thumb ring hold the body securely.
  • Confidence is a large part of playing your whistle. You need to know your whistle is held securely and cannot be dropped by accident when playing in front of an audience!
  • You can use a thumb ring on either hand. Place the thumb ring where you like it best. You can use a thumb ring on both hands at once if you wish!
Thumb ring size

The Whistler of Blackstone Bluff

Zuma 1

Last ride of the season on November the sixth. Temperature was 55 degrees in the afternoon for about two hours and I had to dress warm to be comfortable. By evening, we had snow on the ground again.

After the barn wreck this spring, Nadiene and I needed to replace the two SUVs that had been totaled in the building. I thought that we could do fine with one vehicle since our business is here at home and the price of gas was over $4.00 a gallon. We have always had a motorcycle or four wheeler around and I used them to go to work in the summer and run errands. This time I opted for a scooter and after some shopping around, we bought a Yamaha Zuma. I really had no idea that I would like the scooter so much and how handy it turned out to be for doing errands. After a few trips around the area, I started looking forward to a ride before supper and on the weekends, I would try to squeeze out an hour or two for a good long ride and would come home feeling really refreshed. Summer this year was rain, rain, rain with a two hour break in the afternoon with wind and then more rain at night. I dodged a bunch of thunderstorms by having some places to stop by laying out various roads to ride that fit into how much time I had for the trip.

I jokingly told my friends that I was finding the best scooter roads in Aroostook county so I could take visitors for a tour when we had company. The more riding I did, the more I discovered great places to play the whistle. Natural spots with lots of echo and amplification from the surrounding hills are not too hard to find here in the “County”. I usually make a brief stop and do a loud shout or two and if the sound is good, I will open the under seat storage, break out a whistle and give it a try. If the terrain shouts back, you generally have an amphitheater made by Mother Nature! One of the best spots is the Blackstone Bluff in Perham, Maine. The bluff is an abrupt stone drop into a twenty five mile long valley that has lots of stone faced hills facing you as you play. There is so much resonance from this arrangement of hills, that you music keeps playing back way after you have stopped.

The Bluff is also the home of a fair sized cemetery on one end that originally belonged to the Blackstone family, hence the name. Several times, I pulled into the opposite end of the bluff and played for a few minutes and then continued on my scootering. Of course, the play back from the hills bounces into the cemetery and it sounds like it was coming right out of the air in front of you. My playing apparently didn’t go unnoticed as some folks visiting the cemetery started asking around about who was playing all the music and where was it coming from. When no one knew who the whistler was, a legend was immediately born about the Whistler of Blackstone Bluff. How cool is that? Celebrity status without trying.

By the way, my scoot will hold an orchestra of whistles or enough Chinese Take Out for two days under the seat . I get over a hundred miles to the gallon, so it turns out to be economical way to travel and a great way to find a place to play your whistle.

What People said November of ’08

I received this note from Mark Hanson and thought you might like to hear about the work he is doing with his Low D whistle.

Hi thought you might want to hear your whistles in action . My album named The Lonely Traveler on I-tunes is live and features use of your low d whistle through out the album. Hope you like it. Mark Hanson [ aka Mark Perry ] God Bless

I must apologize to Jason Hoopes for misplacing his letter and not getting it posted until now.


I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing this Low D whistle has been. I have had the opportunity to play it in warm weather, and cold now, and the tone has never been anything but perfect, warm and as airy as can be. I’ve put this lovely thing through it’s paces, and whether performing a slow piece or a speedy jig on the upper pitches, the whistle performs as it should. The tuning slide is such a delight, making it easier than ever to achieve just the sound I need for whichever piece I happen to be playing.

Numerous times I’ve had neighbors stop by my window or front lawn to listen to the melodies that comes from this enchanting whistle, and although I have much to learn yet, the ease of playing even such a large whistle just boggles the mind.

I want to commend you on the craftsmanship that goes into these beauties, for if every whistle is as meticulous as this one then you have most certainly the finest traditional workshop in America.

Sincerely Jason L. Hoopes

Founder, Think Design Studies

What Folks are Saying in September ’08

I have quite a few questions and some comments and feedback for the past couple of months that I find very interesting. First off is a very nice note from a gentleman that liked his new Low F whistle. This is the response every WhistleSmith likes to receive.

Dear Sir,

I have received your Flute via UPS. This morning. I was able to play Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo, Malaguena, O Danny Boy, and the beautiful tune Rose of Tralee.

I am more a singer ( light Tenor ) than a flutist but I love the sound of the Tin Whistle, I guess genes inherited through my grand mother Rose O’Neil.

Never the less to tell you, Your Flute is not Good. * It is excellent* you are truly and artisan and I take my hat unto you. The instrument has a mellow sound that is haunting. It has two full octaves, you can not go wrong with it.

Have you considered making them out of hardwood or metal using the same concept? A very innovative design. I only wish it will have a 7th hole to add a lower note.

But, of course then it will not be an Irish whistle. It will be a sophisticated recorder.

The thumb ring is quite an addition as it is the mouth piece, a wonderful concept.. It remind me a bit of the Native American Flute.

Thank you again, Godspeed…

Luis Alberto


Another person who purchased a whistle inquired about obtaining beeswax that I had mentioned for several uses on whistles. Beeswax candles are available in almost every candle shop. Rubbing beeswax on the slide joint of your whistle will make it tighten up, but is easy to remove if necessary by warming the joint with hot water. Rubbing beeswax on the inside edges of the whistle mouthpiece will make it stick in place, but allows fine adjustment if you need to align the mouthpiece. Again the top cap of the mouthpiece
can be easily moved by warming with hot water if necessary.

Burt’s Bees makes a chapstick type product for chapped lips from beeswax and this is very good for a very tight joint that you need to slip easily, but the joint is too tight to use beeswax. When applying beeswax to the whistle joint, rub the wax on the male part of the fitting and spin the fitting together to distribute the wax evenly. If the fit is too tight, remove a little of the beeswax . Try the fit of the joint until it has a good firm fit, but is not jammed or over tight. I really like using beeswax for
joints and you seldom have to replace it. “O” rings are technically fine, but they tend to break at the wrong time and the right size is often hard to find.

Oh yes! you can share you candle with all your whistling friends as it takes very little wax to do the job. One small candle will last a lifetime if you don’t share!

I inform buyers from other countries by Email that the USPS shipping charge to Canada and especially Europe is high, but as low as can be afforded to insure delivery and tracking of the package. I also warn buyers that the Brokerage fees charged are not included for them to get their whistle. Brokerage fees to Canada are very high and are charged by the individual items in the package. The VAT to the United Kingdom is another charge that is expensive. WhistleSmith is not responsible for these charges and can
only tell buyers they should be prepared to pay them to get delivery of their items. So much for free trade…

A lady in Florida wrote to remind me of shipping costs here in the States.

” Please remind you customers that you will ship two whistles at a time for the same rate. I forgot to order the thumbring for my Low D on my first purchase from your website. Thank for shipping everything in one package on my second order. When you are retired and on a budget, everything helps out. By the way, I really love my new Low F, very nice sound.”

Will you be selling your whistles on ebay this next year!

I recently shipped two Low D whistles that were purchased on ebay to Tasmania and another pair to the Czech Republic. We will be running the ebay store and Buy It Now auctions for another year. The category for WhistleSmith products is Musical Instruments/Woodwinds/Whistles. Prices for all items is uniform here on the website and with those for sale on ebay. Many customers find their way to this website from ebay and it is always good to shop online where you are most comfortable. If you have special requests
for your order, it is best to order here on the website and to use the 1-800-675-4206 toll free line to discuss your purchase.

I hope you will read the news on Proto 1, the new slide flute that can be played with just the use of your head. This will allow thousands of folks with disabilitiessto play a musical instrument for the first time.

All for now, but please keep writing so I can post your comments, questions and information.

What People Say and Play !

I recently had a question that I think is so tantalizing scientific that it must be shared.

“Why does my whistle get wet when I practice, but not when I play in church?”

I can remember having to play my battered old trumpet in front of the congregation when I was a kid. I could barely wet my lips because my mouth was so dry! Playing at home is comfortable and lots of things might make you salivate, like an anticipation of lunch. In church or in front of a group, plain old stage fright will make you so dry you have no saliva left at all. So…probably church is the best place to play a whistle.

I received this note from a very nice lady in Vancouver, Canada who took the time to send me a special card. I couldn’t wait to add it to What People Say! because what she says is so special.

“My husband gave me one of your low D whistles last year for my birthday. I just wanted you to know what a nice whistle I think it is. I love its voice and play it nearly every day.” T. Cannon

Several folks e-mailed and wanted to know why all the whistles and flutes cost $39.95and the Low D costs $69.95?

Well………It’s bigger, fancier, comes in colors , weighs more, plays lower and has more parts. Oh, I forgot! Its the hardest whistle to make.

It’s always interesting to hear what kind of music people are playing on the whistle.

Dear Mr. Brewer, I have a low G whistle that was a present from a friend and I use it to play New Orleans style jazz. When my buddy that plays clarinet got the flu and couldn’t play, I filled in on the whistle and it was just great! I am working on more tunes and after seeing the special of Woody Allen playing his clarinet on tour in Europe, I think I might have found what I want to do, at least for a while. I will be ordering an A in a few days to fill in the gaps in my whistle collection. S. Boyd

Tips for Weatherizing your Wicked Good Whistle!


When you receive your whistle or flute it will be easier to play if you warm the instrument up first. Winter shipping makes for some pretty cold temperatures inside the box and a good warmup will prevent the instrument from holding onto all the moisture you are blowing inside the bore. If you do not warm up the instrument, it will respond by bogging down and not having the volume or tone that it should have. The only remedy is to clean the whistle and dry it
out even though it is brand new. I have noticed several makers have started specifying a warm up for their whistles before playing.


If you are playing in a room or outdoors and it is colder than 65 degrees, use some method to keep your whistle warm between sets.

Putting your whistle in your sleeve is one method that works well. When playing outdoors in cold weather, I have a dress coat with a long pocket sewed into the sleeve that will hold up to a Low D size whistle. My neighbor made the alteration to the coat for me and it works just great. I think a pocket that used velcro and could be removed would be a great idea.

If you blow the whistle backward from the bottom, the barrel will warm up and the moisture if any will be in the very bottom of the instrument where gravity will make it go away naturally.

I have recommended turning the mouthpiece upside down when playing in windy or cold conditions in several tips articles. Finally, several e-mails have been received telling me what a help this technique is! The amazing thing about inverting the mouthpiece is that the whistle does not know the mouthpiece is upside down and may even sound better! The mouthpiece does not feel funny when turned over and several people have said that it feels more comfortable than
the regular position. An added benefit in inverting the mouthpiece is moisture gets pushed by your breath and pulled by gravity out the sound hole and your whistle plays much drier.

Wicked Important DiVinci Code Whistle Info

Things have been busy this winter at The WhistleSmith with lots of changes and revisions. You have perhaps noticed the Website has been newly refurbished with whistle pictures and descriptions. The type in the blog is now posting up with larger size type for better reading.

There are new categories at the top of the blog to help you find your way around and older articles have been archived to make everything neater and easier to find. Due to the nature of the blog format, be sure to scroll all the way down to find all the entries and pictures in each category. Suggestions from readers on additional information on the whistle and flutes is being added. Here are several new items that should be helpful.

color chart for web

Stock Whistle Colors:

Available stock whistle colors are Jet Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Deep Maroon and Dark Navy Blue. The color swatches may appear differently on some computer video and are posted for reference only. These vinyl colors are airbrushed on the whistle and contrast nicely with the silver striping. The Low D now has a band of silver stippling on the tone body to accent the whistle.

TUNING LENGTHS for Whistles & Flutes:

Measurements are made from the bottom of the sound hole to the absolute end of the whistle. Measurement must be made with a precise ruler such as an engineers scale. Hi-D=10.25″, Hi-C=11.7″, Bb=13.7″, Low A=14″, Low G=15.6″, Low F=17.75″, Low D=21″ These measurements will put your instrument within five cents of tune (plus or minus on each note). You must use the correct fingering on the whistle chart that comes packed
with all WhistleSmith instruments. Moving the slide the width of a piece of paper will change pitch
Up when shortening the instrument and pitch Down when lengthening the instrument. These measurements are printed on the fingering chart that comes with your instrument on the bottom right side.

How to fix BREATHY SOUND and LACK OF VOLUME on your whistle!

Clean the Whistle! using the instructions that came with your instrument. A whistle bore that is full of moisture absorbs sound and will make the instrument lose its volume. If the bottom two notes on your whistle go flat or sound drops off, you must clean the whistle. Tongue the whistle on every individual note while playing the scale until you play sharp, clear notes. Breathy notes come from lack of air and the only correction on your whistle or flute is to tongue the whistle properly.
You should play the scale from top to bottom and repeat until you can tongue correctly. See article on playing with confidence

Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute


Buy Direct from The WhistleSmith Shop and $ave!

The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute with special silver and black hand painted finish is a new Wicked Good product from The WhistleSmith!

The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute is a great way to learn to play music by ear. This new instrument lets you play two plus octaves of great sounding music using only the slide and has an automatic mouthpiece that blows like a whistle. You get a clear flute sound, plus the ability to play real slides with ease. The flute position is perfect for a great natural feel to move the slide from note to note.

Instrument is made from Bristol white and tan pipe, and the color coat is pure vinyl. Slide flute measures 14 inches and is fabricated using custom cut components to produce a nice traveling size instrument with good volume and sound characteristics.

A sturdy fiberglass slide rod moves just like the bow on a violin. Mouthpiece slides apart for easy cleaning and the entire flute disassembles for easy maintenance. This is a light weight, comfortable instrument to play for a long period of time.

Flute is packed with two extra poly plug replacements for the slide and a complete diagram of the flute, tips on playing and instructions on maintaining your instrument.

Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute comes in black body with pewter silver stippling, dazzle silver stripes and decal.

The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute is the perfect instrument for folks with arthritis, hand or arm dysfunctions or missing digits. Read my article on “Kevin’s Whistle” and you can find out more about the slide flute and why it is an important new development for many people who would like to play music.

Priced at $39.95

Shipping Calculated at checkout

Add your Slide Flute to Your Cart

Mountain Made Low F Whistle

Mountain made fix

When folks in Maine decide something is exceptional, they say “It’s Wicked Good”.

This is a Wicked Good Whistle with Easy Reach fingering.

The Mountain Made Low F Whistle has a one piece body construction for best clarity, tone and volume of sound. Extra time has been spent on hand tuning each instrument to assure accuracy and playing performance. The tone body has been relief bored in the foot to give the bottom two notes louder volume and better balance.

The Mountain Made Low F lets you play in the Keys of F and Bb and Gm without having to learn any tricky cross fingering. This is a handy whistle to add to your low whistle collection at an unheard of price for a Low F whistle with all these special features!

If you play your whistle outdoors then the Mountain Made Low F is for you! The Mountain Made Low F will stay in tune in 50 degree cold weather and play in heavy winds without missing a beat. This is a great whistle to take camping, hiking or playing around the fire. I have played these whistles from Northern Maine to Florida in the past few years and people everywhere have been impressed with the sound and volume of the Mountain Made design whistles.

The mouthpiece has been lengthened, reshaped, and buffed to an extra smooth finish and feels silky smooth against your lip. The mouthpiece has an extra bevel on the top cap to fit your lip when the whistle is played in a variety of positions. Mouthpiece is made of white polymer and has a grey hard plastic plug from IMG plastics. The mouthpiece contains no wood or metal and the top slides completely off for easy cleaning.

The Mountain Made Low F is nineteen inches long and has Easy Reach fingering (ladies large glove size). Easy Reach from ring finger on right hand to pointer finger (bottom three holes) is 2.5”.

Men with large and extra large hands will find the fingering distances to be extra comfortable and uncrowded between fingers.
Whistle is one piece for cleanest bore and clarity in both octaves. The Mountain Made Low F has a rich, full sound you’ll enjoy, with balanced high and low octaves. There is ample volume for any type of playing indoors with a session or outside when traveling. Whistle comes with a color coded fingering chart, whistle tips and instruction sheet. A custom made cleaning rod and beeswax to maintain your whistle are included.
Whistle is white with silver striping and a colorful decal with the key of whistle plainly marked.

Whistles are for left or right hand players . Allow four working days for shipping after purchase.

Consider purchasing a WhistleSmith Thumb Ring and get a grip on your whistle. Made to fit your whistle and ships free when you buy this instrument.

Priced at $39.95

Shipping calculated at checkout.

Consider purchasing a WhistleSmith Thumb Ring and get a grip on your whistle. Made to fit your whistle and ships free when you buy this instrument.

Whistle Color

Low G Auto Flute

Low G Auto Flute

The Auto Flute is a full size, six hole flute that plays horizontally(transverse position). The automatic mouthpiece allows any player to pick up the flute and immediately produce sharp clear, in tune notes on a real six hole Irish flute.

If you are an experienced Irish flute player and have problems with your em brochure from dental work or other physical problems, this flute will play for you!

Many players use this flute to record close to the microphone, as there is no forward air movement to be recorded. This is a real six hole flute you can play for a very reasonable price.

The Auto Flute is available only from the WhistleSmith. The Auto Flute has a copper tuning slide and the body rotates for best playing position. The Auto Flute is easy to play and a natural for whistle and flute players.

Blow into the mouthpiece and your breath is directed sideways over the sound hole for perfect tone and clarity.

  • No em brochure is required to play this instrument. In minutes, you will be playing the Auto Flute like a Pro!
  • Auto Flute plays in cold weather and heavy wind.
  • Head uses three poly plugs to increase volume and clarity of sound.
  • Sound hole faces your right ear to let you hear over loud instruments.
  • Every Auto Flute is hand tuned and electronically checked.
  • The Auto Flute mouthpiece is easily cleared when playing.

Auto Flute is made from white polymer plastic from IMG with airbrushed vinyl color coat. Easy Reach finger holes are offset and designed for small hands playing.

Auto Flute is for right hand players.The mouthpiece slides completely apart and interior wind way is accessible for cleaning.

Auto Flute comes with color coded fingering chart and instructions for care and playing. A quality cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included to clean and maintain your Auto Flute.

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