Mountain Made Low D Whistle


The Mountain Made Low D is the whistle with Easy Reach Fingering!
This is a completely new design Low D whistle!
This is the Low whistle that plays using your fingertips!
NO Bagpipe fingering is used to play this instrument!

If you have small hands, arthritis, stiff joints, carpel tunnel problems, or problems gripping a whistle because you have limited strength in your hands, you will enjoy playing this low D whistle right out of the box.

Folks with large hands will find this instrument to be as comfortable as a small whistle for them to play. Customer after customer is amazed at how easy the Mountain Made Low D whistle plays. Customers purchasing this whistle often remark it is the “easiest Low D whistle I have ever played.”

This is the Low D whistle that plays with less breath, less reach, and more volume. All fingering is exactly the same as a regular D whistle.
The Mountain Made Low D has a rich, full tone and balanced high and low octaves.

Articles are posted on the WhistleSmith web site on how to play Low whistles and if followed will make your initial playing experience a good one.

Low D whistle is 22.75″ overall length. Maximum hand reach is 2.5″ from tip of pointer finger to tip of ring finger (Approximates ladies glove size large) using enough pressure to seal the finger holes. The Mountain Made Low D has offset finger holes for both ring finger positions.

The Mountain Made Low D is one piece for the most efficient air flow and a reamed foot to increase volume. A highly polished glass like bore and a high density dark gray poly plug in the mouthpiece complete the whistle. Tone body is double coated with black vinyl and has dazzle silver striping.

The Mountain Made Low D logo is full color with a a clear wrap giving the whistle a coordinated color combination. The key of your whistle is included in the label for easy reference when switching instruments.

An 11″x17″ color coded fingering chart and instructions sheet, a quality hand made cleaning rod is included to help you maintain your new whistle.

Consider purchasing a WhistleSmith Thumb Ring and get a grip on your whistle. Made to clip securely to your whistle and ships free with your order.

Whistles are made for RIGHT HANDED PLAYERS (right hand bottom…left hand top), and have offset fingering holes for each ring finger.

Email when you place your order to verify you are a Right handed player and can make the 2.5″ reach necessary to play this instrument.

Low D whistles are available in limited amounts with inline finger holes for left handed players (left hand bottom…right hand top) and folks that play using bagpipe grip.
Email or call 1-800-675-4206 toll free to check availability on this whistle before ordering.

If you are a beginning player or are uncertain about the playing requirements for Low whistles, feel free to call 1-800-675-4206 during regular shop hours. We are pleased to take your whistle order over the phone if you prefer.

Articles are posted on the on how to play Low whistles
and if followed will make your initial playing experience a good one.

Whistle is Black with silver striping as shown in the photo.

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