Mountain Made B♭ Whistle – Penny Whistle

Mountain Made Bb Whistle
Mountain Made Bb Whistle

The Mountain Made Bb whistle is the result of receiving so many requests for a back to basics whistle. Many folks asked for an easy to clean whistle with accurate tuning, no tuning slide, and an extra smooth bore for the best sound possible. The Mountain Made Bb whistle is a nice addition to anyone’s collection and is in stock for at once shipping.

The Mountain Made Bb whistle is made with a single piece body of ultra white polymer pipe with a dark grey poly plug and a removable top cap for quick and easy cleaning of the mouthpiece. Whistle is 14.25“ long overall.

The tone body is a large diameter pipe and has large finger holes with Easy Reach fingering between holes.
The Mountain Made Bb whistle is also comfortable for folks with large and extra large hands because of the large diameter tone body. Large finger holes make half holing easy and adds to the volume and ornamentation possibilities on this whistle.

The mouthpiece top cap slides off for easy cleaning and clips back in place with improved snap action. The Mountain Made Bb whistle has a rich, full tone and plenty of volume. This is a whistle that will take powerful playing and still have minimal breath requirements. Light, sharp tonguing will bring out the clarity, tone and precise pitch of the Mountain Made Bb whistle.

This whistle is perfect for playing in the Key of Bb,Eb and Cm with no cross fingering to learn.
The Mountain Made Bb is a take anywhere whistle that will play in all kinds of weather and temperature conditions and can take years of play with little or no effect on fit and finish.

The Mountain Made Bb comes with a color coded fingering chart and whistle tips and instructions sheet. A quality cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included for maintaining your new whistle.

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