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Hear Our Whistles – Any key

Before we send you our Whistle sound clips for you to hear our whistles – We’d like to give you some of our perspective on sound files and recordings.

We love to listen to music and whistle players on YouTube and enjoy the music and respect the work that goes into it. 

Most recordings on You Tube has been been run though filters and effects to make the music sound produced.

The  WAV files will will send you are not  music.

They are files for inspecting  the sound of WhistleSmith instruments in production. 

Sound recording picks up white noise the human ear can not hear. We want our sound files to represent the experience you’ll get playing the whistle in your setting or a natural setting.

These files are sound files of whistles that I have tuned.

The “breathy” white noise of a whistles’ voice is revealed and then I tuned it out of the whistle.

There are no filters, reverb, or other changes made to these recordings.

These “riffs” are not musical scores , though they may contain parts of a song. 

If you are recording music and need to hear how a WhistleSmith instrument 

plays down to its bare bones, this is the way to do just that. 

We can now email a file  for any key  whistle to allow you to hear how an individual whistle is voiced. 

When you email us make sure you specify the key you are interested in.

Hearing the  riffs will  give you the ability to try before you buy!


Each email can transfer up to 4 riffs

Again – Please specify keys of whistles you are interested in…