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The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D Whistle
The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D Whistle

Key Whistle Features

1. Test players asked for a whistle that felt more substantial in the hand like the other WhistleSmith whistles.

The Mountain Made Large Bore HI-D has a 3/4″ outside diameter to give a solid grip for your hands and is the same diameter as the C, Bb, A, Low G and Low F whistles.

2.Test Players asked for even easier finger pressure on the whistle. The amount of pressure to seal the finger holes is reduced. This is a large factor to folks with hand problems that make gripping a small diameter whistle uncomfortable.

3. Test players asked that the finger holes feel perfectly smooth, like the whistle had been played.

The finger holes are beveled using a new technique and give an easier and smoother air seal when playing the instrument. The fingering feels like the whistle has been broken in using your fingers.

4. Test Players asked for more bevel on the top cap. The mouthpiece has a longer top bevel on the air cap to fit your lip even better.

5. Test players asked for even more volume and carry to the sound for playing outdoors.

With a 5/8″ inside bore and a round fipple plug in the airway, the whistle plays with more volume, improved tone in the low octave, clearer tone in the top octave, and a dryer mouthpiece.

6. Players with large fingers asked for more finger hole separation.

The finger holes are positioned with additional space to reduce finger bumping and give folks with larger hands the room to play the Hi-D .

Whistle Details

The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D measures twelve inches long and has a 5/8″ large bore. The instrument is well balanced and feels substantial in your hand with finger holes that are spaced to give good clearance for your fingers.

The whistle is easier to grasp with less stress on your hands because of the larger diameter of the whistle body. Additional inline finger hole spacing makes the whistle easier to finger without finger “jamming” for folks with larger hands.

The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D is made from a new hard case polymer and has a glass like bore that makes the air flow extremely efficient. The whistle is tuned to hand tuned at A-440 just intonation and electronically checked for accuracy.

The mouthpiece air cap is made of SPIF white polymer with a top bevel for lip comfort and slides off the whistle for cleaning the entire mouthpiece. The mouthpiece and tone body are one piece and utilize a dark gray poly plug from IMG for the round wind way.

The whistle is white and the finish won’t scratch under hard use. The white color makes the whistle easy to find on your next trip outdoors. White whistles show up when you lay them down and make cleaning your whistle easier to see.

There is no tuning slide. This whistle has an R3 insulation factor so it “plays warm” and is not effected by cold and plays in tune through a wide range of temperatures as soon as the whistle feels warm to the touch.

The whistle is hand tuned accurately to A440 Just intonation using electronics at 72 degrees and will be accurate from 55 degrees to 90 degrees with no noticeable pitch variable.

Using light, precise tonguing will give clean, clear notes and runs. Breath requirements are minimal. The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D lets you play in the Keys of D, G and Em without having to learn any tricky cross fingering.

The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D plays indoors at a session or outside in cold and windy conditions.

This is a very handy whistle to add to your collection.

The WhistleSmith decal includes the key of the whistle and coordinates the The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D with the other whistles in The WhistleSmith line.

The Mountain Made Large Bore Hi-D has a rich, full sound you’ll enjoy, with balanced high and low octaves. There is plenty of volume for any type of playing and octave shifts are easy and precise. Whistle comes with a color coded fingering chart, whistle care and playing tips sheet, and a quality handmade cleaning rod to maintain your whistle.

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