WhistleSmith Thumb Ring – Small and Large


What is the difference between a Thumb Post and a Thumb Ring?

This is The WhistleSmith Thumb ring that snaps to the body of the whistle and rotates for most comfortable playing position.

Some folks would like a Thumb ring for both hands so I am listing them as an individual item.

Low whistles and flutes take a large ring and Hi whistles and flutes use a small ring. WhistleSmith Thumb rings are made to fit only WhistleSmith whistles and flutes. Pick Thumb ring size to fit your whistle and Add it to Your Cart. We will ship your Thumb ring with your whistle order.


I recently received a note from a music teacher who instructs both children and adults on playing the whistle. She was not familiar with the thumb ring and asked if I would explain how a thumb ring was constructed and how it works versus a thumb post.

I do not make a thumb post, however some makers include them with their whistles. A thumb post snaps onto your whistle and will keep your whistle from rolling and falling off a table. However, a thumb post has little value for holding your whistle. Thumb posts are generally injected molded and tend to break if snapped on and off the whistle frequently.

The WhistleSmith thumb ring is made from schedule 40 pipe and hand riveted together to make a very strong clip and ring combination. There are 20 steps involved in making a single thumb ring and each step is done by hand. WhistleSmith thumb rings are made to last, but can be easily repaired with common tools if necessary.

Here are some advantages to using a WhistleSmith thumb ring.

  • The WhistleSmith thumb ring is a full circle ring for your thumb. The ring swivels on a clip which snaps onto your whistle to allow movement and angle adjustment to the ring for the most comfortable playing position.
  • You have a solid grip on your whistle without having to practice fingering positions when using the thumb ring.
  • The thumb ring prevents your whistle from rolling off the counter or table top if you lay it down.
  • The thumb ring lets you hang your whistle on a cup hook or a wall pin when you are not playing. This provides a secure storage for your whistle and keeps it out of harms way.
  • Playing with a thumb ring improves your technical skills by eliminating learning hand grips when playing with all the holes open on your whistle.
  • You will not drop your whistle when you are playing because your lips anchor the end of your whistle and the thumb ring hold the body securely.
  • Confidence is a large part of playing your whistle. You need to know your whistle is held securely and cannot be dropped by accident when playing in front of an audience!
  • You can use a thumb ring on either hand. Place the thumb ring where you like it best. You can use a thumb ring on both hands at once if you wish!

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