Mountain Made Low F Whistle – Penny Whistle

When folks in Maine decide something is exceptional, they say “It’s Wicked Good”.

This is a Wicked Good Whistle with Easy Reach fingering.

The Mountain Made Low F has a one piece body construction for best clarity, tone and volume. Extra effort has been spent on hand
tuning each instrument to assure accuracy and playing performance. The tone body foot has been relief bored to give the bottom two notes louder volume and better balance.

The Mountain Made Low F lets you play in the Keys of F,Bb, & Gm without having to learn any cross fingering. A handy whistle to add to your low whistle collection at an unheard of price for a Low F whistle with all these special features!

If you play outdoors, the Mountain Made Low F is for you! The Mountain Made Low F will be in tune in 50º cold weather and 90º heat and plays in a heavy breeze without missing a beat. This is a great whistle to take hiking or playing around the camp fire.

I have played these whistles from Northern Maine to Florida over the years and people are impressed with The Mountain Made Low F whistle.

The mouthpiece has been redesigned and is buffed to a smooth finish that has an extra bevel on the top cap to fit your lip when the whistle is played
in a variety of positions. The aircap is made of white polymer and slides completely off the whistle for easy cleaning. This whistle contains no wood or metal.

The Mountain Made Low F is nineteen inches long and has Easy Reach fingering. Easy Reach from pointer finger on right hand to ring finger is 2.5” overall. Finger holes are inline with no offset finger holes and fits right or left handed players.

Folks with large and extra large hands will find the fingering distances to be comfortable and uncrowded between fingers.

Whistle comes with a custom fingering chart & whistle tips. A handmade cleaning rod that fits the bore of your whistle is included.

The Mountain Made Low F has a tuxedo black body with silver striping and a full color decal with the whistle key plainly marked. The decal helps prevent handling wear and keeps you whistle looking good!

Consider purchasing a WhistleSmith Thumb Ring that fits yourinstrument and get a grip on your whistle!

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