Mountain Made Low G Whistle – Penny Whistle

Mountain made Low G

The Mountain Made Low G is electronically tuned, hand reamed and fine polished to make a very precise and attractive whistle.

The Mountain Made Low G plays well indoors or outdoors or when entertaining around a campfire with friends. Wind and cold conditions are not a problem with the Mountain Made Low G.

I recommend the Mountain Made Low G as the whistle to play for folks moving from the Hi-D whistle to a Low whistle. Playing the Low G will improve your overall technique with fingering and proper tonguing of the whistle. The Key of G is a very popular key and handy to have in your whistle collection.

The Mountain Made Low G whistle is perfect for playing in the Key of G, C & A minor with no tricky cross fingering to learn.

  • Whistle is 16″ long with a one piece body made of white polymer. This is an easy whistle to carry when traveling .
  • The mouthpiece has a dark gray poly plug and top cap slides off for easy cleaning.
  • The mouthpiece is nicely curved and buffed to smooth finish
  • No tuning slide for a smoothest bore and best tone.
  • The Mountain Made Low G has a rich, full voice with plenty of volume.
  • Upper and Lower octaves are well balanced and easy to play.

The one piece tone body is white with a full color logo and clear wrap. Whistle has decorative silver dazzle striping on the foot of the instrument.The key of your whistle is included in the label for easy reference when switching instruments.

Whistle comes with an 11″x17″ color coded fingering chart and whistle care and playing tips sheet. A quality handmade cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included to use when maintaining your new whistle.

Easy Reach fingering is 2.5″ from tip of pointer finger to tip of ring finger on both hands. Finger holes are in a modified straight line for best grasp of the whistle and make the whistle playable for either left or right handed players.

Use a ruler and check to make sure you can reach the 2.5″ reach requirement.

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