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Low G Whistle
Low G Whistle from the Whistlesmith

Extra time and effort has been spent on hand tuning every whistle to assure accuracy and playing performance. Every whistle is electronically checked for tuning before shipping.

The Mountain Made Low G stays in tune in 50º cold weather or 90º heat and plays in a heavy breeze without missing a beat. This is a great whistle to take hiking or entertaining friends around the camp fire.

The Mountain Made Low G lets you play in the Keys of G,C,& A minor without having to learn cross fingering. This is a dandy whistle to add to your whistle collection at an unheard of price for a Low G whistle with all these special features!

I have played the Low G from Canada to the Florida Keys over the years and people are always impressed with The Mountain Made Low G whistle.

I recommend the Mountain Made Low G as the whistle to play for folks moving from the Hi-D whistle to a Low whistle. Playing the Low G will improve your overall technique with fingering and proper tonguing of the whistle. The Key of G is a very popular music key and handy to have in your whistle collection.

The Low G mouthpiece has been redesigned and is buffed to a smooth finish that has a comfortable bevel on the top cap to fit your lip when playing.

The aircap is made of white polymer and slides completely off the whistle for easy cleaning. This whistle contains no wood or metal and has a bore that shines like glass.

The Low G now matches the Low F, Low Eb & Low D WhistleSmith whistles to make a Tuxedo Black four whistle set.

The Mountain Made Low G is 17.25″ long and has Easy Reach fingering from pointer finger on right hand to the ring finger of 2.5” overall. Finger holes are inline with no offset finger holes and the whistle fits right or left handed players.

Folks with large and extra large hands will find the whistle to be comfortable and uncrowded between fingers.

Whistle comes with a custom fingering chart & whistle tips, and a handmade cleaning rod that fits the bore of your whistle.

The Mountain Made Low G has a tuxedo black body with silver striping and a full color decal with the whistle key plainly marked. The decal helps prevent handling wear and keeps you whistle looking good!

Consider purchasing a WhistleSmith Thumb Ring to get a good grip on your whistle!

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