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The Mountain Made Low A Whistle with Easy Reach Fingering.

If you play your whistle outdoors, this is the model for you!You can play this whistle in windy conditions and it will not miss a note. The Mountain Made Low A will stay in tune in cold weather and is a nice sized whistle to take to a session, music festival, camping, hiking or playing around the fire at night.

I have played this whistle from Northern Maine to the Florida Keys and everywhere in between and it is a good performer for all types of music.The mouthpiece is beveled to fit your lip and is fully polished to a silky finish.
Whistle is fifteen inches long with Easy Reach finger holes to fit small hands (ladies medium glove size). Folks with large hands will find the Easy Reach distances are comfortable and easy to play.

The Easy Reach finger holes on the Mountain Made Low A are not offset (everything is in a straight line) and are suitable for either left or right handed players. The beveled edge finger holes make playing the instrument more comfortable and easier to close the finger holes.

The tone body is reamed in the bottom bore to give the two notes on the lower octave louder
volume and better balance to the instrument. Tuning is very precise and the whistle plays very dry due to the extremely smooth and polished bore.

The Mountain Made Low A lets you play in the Keys of A and D and B minor without having to learn any tricky cross fingering. This is a very handy whistle to add to your collection of whistles.

The entire whistle is made of white polymer and the mouthpiece has a dark grey poly plug.The top cap slides completely off for cleaning the mouthpiece and clips into place with a tight snap on action.

The Mountain Made Low A has a rich, full sound you will enjoy, with balanced high and low octaves. There is plenty of volume for any type of playing.

Whistle is White with a color coordinated decal and the whistle Key plainly displayed and silver dazzle striping on the bottom as shown in photo.

Allow four working days for shipping after purchasing your whistle.

A color coded fingering chart and whistle tips and instructions sheet are included. A quality handmade cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included to use for maintaining your new whistle.

Consider purchasing a Whistlesmith Thumb Ring and get a grip on your whistle. Made to fit your whistle and the thumb ring ships free when you buy this instrument.

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