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Mountain Made Low A Whistle
Mountain Made Low A Whistle

The Mountain Made Low A Whistle has Easy Reach Fingering.

Many Folks call this whistle “The Rover”

If you play your whistle oudoors, this is the model for you!

You can play The Mountain Made Low A in windy conditions and it will not miss a note. The Mountain Made Low A stays in tune in cold weather and is a nice sized whistle to take to a session, music festival, church, camping, hiking or playing around the fire at night.

I’ve played this whistle from Northern Maine to the Florida Keys and everywhere in between and it is a good performer for all types of music.The mouthpiece top cap is beveled to fit your upper lip and fully polished to a silky finish.

Whistle is fifteen inches long with Easy Reach finger holes to fit small hands (ladies medium glove size). Players with large hands will find the Easy Reach distances are comfortable and easy to play.

Easy Reach finger holes on the Mountain Made Low A are inline and are suitable for either left or right handed players. The hand finished finger holes make playing the instrument comfortable and finger holes seal easily.

The Mountain Made Low A is one piece for the most efficient air flow and has a reamed foot to increase volume. A highly polished glass like bore and a high density dark gray polymer plug in the mouthpiece complete the whistle. Tone body is double coated with Tuxedo Black and has dazzle silver striping.

Tuning is very precise and the whistle plays dry due to the extremely smooth and polished bore. The whistle will play in 50 degree temperature and up to 90 degrees in pitch. No tuning changes are necessary for cold or heat so a tuning slide is not needed. The polymer material holds heat at an R3 heat factor (once it is played for a few bars) and stays “hot” and in tune.

Many churches in Europe are unheated and this whistle is used because it does not go flat in the cold. Like my auto flute, this instrument is used because this material never needs tuning in the cold and will play in the wind.

The Mountain Made Low A lets you play in the Keys of A and D and B minor without having to learn any tricky cross fingering. This is a very handy whistle to add to your collection.

The Mountain Made Low A has a rich, full sound you will enjoy, with balanced high and low octaves. There is plenty of volume for any type of playing.

A color coded fingering chart and whistle tips and instructions sheet are included. A quality handmade cleaning rod is included to use for maintaining your new whistle.

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