Mountain Made E Flat Whistle – Penny Whistle

mountain made Low Eb

WhistleSmith Mountain Made Low Eb Whistle has Easy Reach
Fingering! Play using just your fingertips!

All WhistleSmith whistles are tuned to Just Intonation A440.

Low Eb whistle is 22″ overall length with offset finger holes on both ring fingers.

Extra time has been spent on hand tuning each instrument to assure playing performance. Finger reach is 2.5″ from center of index finger to center of ring finger, using enough pressure to seal the hand cut finger holes.

Mountain Made Low Eb polymer body has a “shiny as glass bore” to eliminate moisture. A high density polymer fipple in the mouthpiece and a hand reamed foot increases volume and stabilizes the lower three notes.

If you play outdoors, the Mountain Made Low Eb is for you! Mountain Made Low Eb stays in tune in 50 degree cold to 90 heat & plays in a breeze without missing a beat!

A topcap made of white polymer rotates or slides off the whistle for easy cleaning.

Whistle tuning does not change with temperature, so tuning slide is eliminated! Do a short warm up with your breath & as the Irish say “the whistle plays hot”.

Fingering is the same on all WhistleSmith whistles. Play right out of the box! Mountain Made Low Eb plays in key of Eb, Ab, & Fm with no tricky cross fingering.

Mountain Made Low Eb is designed to play with less breath, short reach & more volume. The Mountain Made Low Eb has a rich, full voice and balanced high and low octaves.

Playing notes from low to high octave is quick and precise.

Mountain Made Low Eb has a double coated Tuxedo Black body and dazzle silver striping.

WhistleSmith label has the whistle key for easy reference when playing instruments.

The clear wrap makes a hand grip and helps to prevent “jewelry wounding”.

Buy a Thumb Ring and get a grip on your whistle! Thumb Ring ships with your order.

You are purchasing a Low Eb whistle for a Right Handed Player (right hand bottom and left hand top) with offset finger holes for both ring fingers.

Inline hole whistles for left handed & Piper Grip players (left hand bottom, right hand top) are available by custom order.

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