Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute


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The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute with special silver and black hand painted finish is a new Wicked Good product from The WhistleSmith!


The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute is a great way to learn to play music by ear. This new instrument lets you play two plus octaves of great sounding music using only the slide and has an automatic mouthpiece that blows like a whistle. You get a clear flute sound, plus the ability to play real slides with ease. The flute position is perfect for a great natural feel to move the slide from note to note.

Instrument is made from Bristol white and tan pipe, and the color coat is pure vinyl. Slide flute measures 14 inches and is fabricated using custom cut components to produce a nice traveling size instrument with good volume and sound characteristics.

A sturdy fiberglass slide rod moves just like the bow on a violin. Mouthpiece slides apart for easy cleaning and the entire flute disassembles for easy maintenance. This is a light weight, comfortable instrument to play for a long period of time.

Flute is packed with two extra poly plug replacements for the slide and a complete diagram of the flute, tips on playing and instructions on maintaining your instrument.

Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute comes in black body with pewter silver stippling, dazzle silver stripes and decal.

The Penny Whistle Auto Slide Flute is the perfect instrument for folks with arthritis, hand or arm dysfunctions or missing digits. Read my article on “Kevin’s Whistle” and you can find out more about the slide flute and why it is an important new development for many people who would like to play music.


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