Hi-D WhistleSmith Mountain Maid Whistle – Penny Whistle


A new whistle just for the ladies.

The new Mountain Maid logo and pink label makes your whistle stand out wherever you play.This whistle is completely made by hand in my whistle shop on a mountain in Maine. The whistle is handmade and tested with electronic tuning before shipment to insure your playing experience will be a good one.

photo three of Mountain Maid

The new Mountain Maid Hi-D whistle measures twelve inches long overall. The instrument is well balanced and feels substantial in your hand. There is no tuning slide,thus providing the cleanest playing bore possible.

High D- Mountain Made
High D- Mountain Made

Tuning starts with a steel template and laser drilling of the finger holes. The foot of the whistle is bored larger to make octave shifts easy and precise.


The WhistleSmith Mountain Maid Hi-D Whistle comes in pink and is very easy to play. The body is cream in nature and the key of the whistle is on the label.

The mouthpiece contains no wood or metal and the top slides completely off for cleaning. Using light, precise tonguing produces clean, clear notes and runs. Breath requirements are minimal.

The Mountain Maid Hi-D lets you play in the Keys of D, G and Em without having to learn any tricky cross fingering. The Mountain Maid Hi-D will play indoors at a session or outside in cold and windy conditions. This is a very handy whistle to add to your collection.

Mouthpiece top cap is made of white polymer with a front bevel for lip comfort. The mouthpiece and tone body are one piece and utilize a dark gray poly plug from IMG plastics.

The tone body is a cream color and the Mountain Maid pink and black logo has a clear wrap giving the whistle a coordinated color combination using just the natural colors of the materials. The key of your whistle is included in the label for easy reference when switching instruments.

The Mountain Maid Hi-D has a rich, full sound you will enjoy, with balanced high and low octaves. There is plenty of volume for any type of music and octave shifts are easy and precise.

  • Easy to clean with a take apart mouthpiece.
  • No tuning slide for a smooth bore and better tone.
  • Precise hand tuning for accurate tuning in both octaves.
  • Pink label and silver striping looks great and is very durable.

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