Low G Auto Flute

Low G Auto Flute

The Auto Flute has been developed in a 20 year period with input from musicians from all over the world who have given their time, opinions and expertise.

The Auto Flute is a full size eighteen inch, six hole flute that plays horizontally (transverse position). The Auto Flute is one piece for the most efficient air flow and has a reamed foot to increase volume.
The automatic mouthpiece air cap allows you to pick up the flute and immediately produce sharp clear, in tune notes.

If you are an experienced flute player and have problems with your em brochure from dental work or other physical problems, this flute will let you play the flute again!

Many players use this flute to record closer to the microphone, as there is no forward air movement to be recorded. This is a real six hole flute you can play for a very reasonable price.

Blow into the aircap mouthpiece and your breath is directed sideways over the sound hole for perfect tone and clarity every time.

  • No em brochure is required to play this instrument. In minutes, you will be playing the Auto Flute like a Pro!
  • Auto Flutes play in cold weather and wind because the tone body holds an R3 insulation factor and the flute stays warm and dry.
    Flute head uses three poly plugs instead of a cork, for increased volume and improved sound clarity.
  • Sound hole faces your dominant right ear to let you hear when playing with other instruments.
  • Every Auto Flute is hand made and tuned. All flutes are electronically checked before shipping.
  • The Auto Flute airway can be silently cleared when playing by covering the sound hole and blowing the moisture away.

Auto Flute is made from polymer and has a glass finish to the bore. The black tone body is an airbrushed vinyl color coat. Easy Reach finger holes are set for small hands playing.

Auto Flute is for right hand players.The aircap slides completely off the flute to make the interior wind way accessible for cleaning.

Auto Flute comes with fingering chart and instructions for care and playing.

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A quality handmade cleaning rod is included to dry and maintain your Auto Flute.

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