Symphony Slide Flute

Symphony slide flute 

The Symphony Slide Flute is a NewWicked Good product from the WhistleSmith.  

NO FLUTE EXPERIENCE or embouchure is used playing this instrument. NO LIP PUCKERING and very little breath is necessary. The Side Shooter mouthpiece lets you blow the instrument right out of the box!


The Symphony Slide Flute is pitched to play G (392) below middle C as the lowest note to high Bb. The Symphony Slide Flute is very mellow and the tone is similar to the Low G Flute. You will be can play all those low notes just like a Low Whistle and play two part music with another person using an Automatic Slide Flute or a keyed whistle.

The Symphony Slide Flute is a great way to learn to play music by ear. The Symphony Slide Flute lets you play two plus octaves of great sounding music using only the slide and blowing like a whistle. You get a full penny whistle flute sound, plus the ability to play real musical slides (Glissando in musical terms) with ease. The flute position is perfect for a great natural feel to move the slide from note to note.

Symphony Slide Flute components are Bristol white pipe and measures 16 inches including the slide.
The Symphony Slide Flute is hand made using Automatic Flute components to produce a nice size instrument for traveling and still have outstanding volume and sound characteristics.

The heavy duty fiberglass slide rod moves like a violin bow and is lubricated a drop of extra virgin olive oil. The slide seals with a poly plug and is ready to play right out of the box. No break in is necessary and the slide moves effortlessly for easy playing of individual notes.

The Side shooter automatic mouthpiece slides apart for complete cleaning and the entire flute disassembles without tools for maintenance.

The Symphony Slide Flute is a light weight, comfortable instrument to play for a long period of time and is packed with two extra poly plug replacements for the slide, a complete diagram of the flute and tips on playing and maintaining the instrument.

The Symphony Slide Flute is the perfect instrument for anyone with arthritis, a hand or arm disability or even a partial or missing digit.

Priced at $49.95