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Ultra Low C Whistle at a Wicked Good Price!


The Mountain Made Low C is handmade one at a time to better fit your playing requirements.

 I custom make this single order whistle to your specification on volume,reach,tone and breath requirements. I can usually make your custom whistle within a two to three week period.

I developed this whistle after an inquiry from Dave Manners in the UK expressing the need for a low C whistle with easy to play fingering.

Testing in the shop was very positive, so I had two very good whistle players check the playability and tone of the new whistle.  Their response to the new instrument over several weeks of playing it was “Don’t change anything…leave everything alone!”

The Mountain Made Low C whistle is a unique design that plays with less breath and increased volume. The whistle is easily cleaned, fully tunable and has Easy Reach Fingering on all of the holes.

Easy Reach Fingering is comfortable for folks with hands equal to a mans size large glove. Maximum finger reach is 3 inches from tip of pointer finger to tip of ring finger using enough gripping pressure to seal the finger holes. Both hands have offset finger holes for the ring finger positions. Sound is rich and full with balanced high and low octaves. All fingering positions are exactly the same as a regular Hi-C whistle.

The Mountain Made Low C is 25 inches long and takes down at the tuning slide to 18 inches. Mouthpiece is newest model with improved volume cut on the wind way. Mouthpiece is made from white polymer pipe with a high density dark gray poly plug.

Tone body is air brushed with vinyl black color coat, clear coated logo with key of whistle and silver striping. This whistle is perfect for playing in the Key of C, F, and Dm with no cross fingering to learn.

If you currently play a WhistleSmith Low D, you can play this new Low C with only slightly more reach. No “bagpipe fingering” required!

Please specify if you are a Right or Left Handed player when placing your order.

If you play right hand bottom and left hand top, you are a Right Handed player.

If you play right hand top and left hand bottom, you are a Left Handed player.

I custom set the fingering for either left or right handed finger holes or a straight up set of holes if you prefer.  Please check at 1-800-675-4206 toll free with your requirements and to order and get a delivery time.

Whistle comes with a color coded fingering chart and  instructions sheet. A quality handmade cleaning rod and beeswax tablet are included to use for maintaining your new whistle.

This whistle is no longer available.