Comments and Questions from some Wicked Good Web Customers

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The following comments are just some of the many made about the WhistleSmith Low D.

I was reluctant to purchase your whistles because they seemed too cheap to be comparable to other whistles on the web. However, I could not find anyone that stated their Low D was suitable or could even be played by someone with small sized hands. As you know, I purchased a Low D in maroon, about a two months ago, and I want you to know that the whistle has worked out wonderfully. I can play this whistle without straining my hands and it is comfortable even after playing it for a long time. My friends have listened
to your whistle and have been surprised and complimentary on both the sound and volume that it produces. I am a better and happier player now that I am not left out of playing the low whistle.

Many thanks, Mary C. NY

The following comments are just some of the many made about the WhistleSmith Ultra D, C and Bb.

This is a well made and designed whistle. The whistle plays best when I play it aggressively and with assurance. I would say this is a technical whistle in that you have many fractional adjustment available to set the whistle up for the way you play. At first I thought that would be a nuisance, but the setup and adjustment is really simple after I read the instructions. When all else fails, you should read the instructions! Anyway, I am very satisfied with my purchase and will be buying again . J. Williams, CA.

I bought the Ultra D for my husband and it wasn’t what he wanted. However, I really like it and have decided he can buy his own whistle and I will keep this one. The volume is impressive and I love the tone. I think this whistle is perfect for me! Jane B.

I received my Bb whistle I purchased from your website and it arrived in first class condition. When you told me that I could get my Low D completely refurbished for $10. and postage, I couldn’t believe it! I had this whistle for a couple of years before it was damaged. (Ray laid it on a hot ceramic stove top by accident) . The whistle you sent me is just a great player and I am really surprised and pleased. Thanks so MUCH!. Ray T., Fla.

I was very happy with the Low D whistle I purchased from you on ebay about a year ago. When you mentioned on the phone that there was a substantial improvement in volume on the low end and that I could upgrade the whistle for a small fee, ($10. and postage) for a new whistle head, I was impressed. The whistle came back home yesterday looking like brand new and I really am impressed. This whistle is a whole new ball game! Great sound and lots of volume. I liked my original whistle but, this one makes my day! Thanks!
Ben Waters, PA

The set of seven whistles came today and the matching color and striping make them look terrific. I have played them all for a brief period and they are more than I expected. The Bb with the wide mouthpiece is exceptional for a smaller bore whistle and has a lot more volume than I had expected. The low F is my unexpected favorite of them all and is very even through two octaves. Will email you an update after I have put them through their paces… All for now, J. Bell

Your package and packaging are first class. The whistle plays beautifully and is well tuned. It is an easy play in both octaves and is simple to clean and setup. I recommend that anyone receiving this whistle read the instructions as they are clearly written and make playing very simple. I will be purchasing again, Thank you. May Baily

I was wondering if the increased cost in shipping would be affecting the amount WhistleSmith products cost and if you will be raising prices this fall? I am saving up for a couple of more low whistles and thought I would ask. Please don’t think I’m trying to get a scoop, I just need to keep my budget straight. Dave C.

The cost of WhistleSmith Wicked Good Whistles will remain the same for the foreseeable future. This was made possible by making the entire line of whistles modular. That means more uniformity in production with less setups and machining time going to waste when making parts. By getting this part of the production worked out, I can now spend more time tuning and assembling whistles and less time on making a lot of different parts for each style whistle. You get a better whistle for your money and I save a lot
of time making the parts.