E-mail Excerpts

Condensed Comments via E-Mail:

A couple of excerpts from a nice letter from Roy Mayhugh were:

“You’ve clearly marked the key of the whistle right on the mouth-piece. That will make picking up the right whistle really easy when I want to play.”

“The fingering charts are going to be really handy in helping me read music. What’s more, they are almost exactly the size of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of notebook paper when folded in half. That means I can put them in my three ring binder folded in half and fold them out on my music stand when I’m using them.”

“Received my Low D whistle this week and I was amazed at the tone. I was really expecting a plastic sounding tone and this instrument sounds very woody just as you described it” – J. Winston

“I am playing the Hi D fife you furnished for our group to try out and it does exactly what you said. I have played it in all kinds of weather and it is bulletproof. This fife is perfect to get our kids to get playing in short order” Thank you, J. Hershel

“When you wrote that your mouthpiece was adjustable and you could “sweeten the top octave” to make the flute play better, I thought Yeh, I bet! I have played my G Auto flute for a week now and all I can say is “How sweet it is!” Thanks, Paul

“I was able to play it straight out of the box. At last I have a Low D which I can finger without my fingers and wrists getting very sore.” – G. Terry

“I thought my Low D whistle had lost it’s voice as it had a loss of volume after about 30 minutes of playing. I read the instructions and dried the bore and gave it a shot of silicon spray. What a difference, the more your play and clean it, the better the volume gets. Your directions on playing the Low D have been Spot On.” – J. Deschesne

“I purchased a Bb fife and have played it for several weeks. I have taken it camping and played around the fire at night several times. No problem! it will play in any kind of weather and the night cold doesn’t bother it at all…” excerpt from long letter from H.C. in Minnesota.

“The Hi-D fife I purchased came today and I have played all afternoon. It is hard to believe how easy it is to play. I thought it would be shrill, but it is not and I really like the sound.” Thanks, Franco, Spain