Screenprinting Whistlesmith Tees

I have been doing commercial artwork and screen printing since I was in high school, so naturally I put off doing the company tee shirts until last. Sign painters never have a decent sign, plumbers have a house full of leaking pipes and carpenters never fix their own front steps. Well, that goes for for screen printers who can’t decide what design should go on the shirt they want to print.

The press I am using is the original handmade wooden press I designed in 1979 to develop a small size screen printing press to fit in a limited area shop. The fellow I designed it for thought the press was just great and had them made in aluminum for his company. He commented at the time, that the wooden version would never be adequate for any amount of work. I have printed thousands of dozens of tees and sweatshirts on this little press since then and it has never had a piece replaced or needed any more maintenance
than a few screws getting tightened and regular oiling and cleaning. Guess he was wrong about the wearing out problem.

The front of the shirt has a small full chest print of the Whistlesmith logo and the Wicked Good Whistles motto. Small full chest is a new 8″ size that is very trendy this season (easier to read than a small left breast print and looks more centered on all sizes of shirt).

The back is a large full size print with “Whistlin’ Ain’t Easy, until you play a Wicked Good Whistle”.