Length Dimensions of current WhistleSmith Whistles and Flutes

All Whistle  2011

Many of our whistles are different lengths and keys. Whistle length and keys are below.

We have many different whistles in different keys.

You can see that different lengths of whistles come in different keys and provide a different sound.

1. Mountain Made Hi-D=12”
2. Ultra Hi-D=12”
3.Good & Plenty Hi-C=12.5”
4. Good & Plenty Bb=14.25”
5. Low A=15”
6. Low G=16”
7. Low F=19”
8. Ultra Low D=22”
9. Ultra Low C=25”
10. Low G Auto Flute=18.5”
11. Symphony Slide Flute=14”
12. Pennywhistle Slide Flute=14”
13. Thumb Rings,
Cleaning Rod
and Beeswax