Letters from Alaska About our Whistles

I received this letter from Vance Whelpy  after he got his new Low G whistle.

Dear Rod,
I got my Low G Whistle today and it rocks.  You make a very wonderful product and well worth the cost. I only wish I had gotten it on eBay so more people could have read a positive feedback from me. It plays very  smooth and your tuning slide is simple and effective. I picked it up at the post office before going to the Dr and I played all the way from Eagle River to the Drs in Anchorage.

My wife was driving and enjoyed it very much.
Your Whistle played fantastic and I like the fact I can take it apart and clean it. I also like the cleaning stick, all of the information and fingering chart you included with it . It’s a fun instrument.

I have an aluminum Dixon D whistle which is my favorite whistle…this whistle might have replaced it.
It’s nice playing tunes I play in G on a D whistle and transpose them on to the G whistle starting with my bottom right hand. Nice mellow tone. I like playing tunes in C as well. It’s just a great all round whistle and I love it.

Yours Truly,
Vance Whelpy
Eagle River, Alaska

PS it’s 1:00AM here and I am still playing

I received this letter from Vance  about a week later.

Dear Rod,
I bought a Low G whistle from you and I am very happy with it.  But I am happy with something else you gave me for free.  Polishing out a bore with a Shotgun mop.  It also works on cheap wooden flutes from Pakistan.  I used it with good results on a small cocus wood flute in F sold on eBay.

I could only get the top three notes to play and looked in the bore and saw wood  bits hanging from the drilled holes and it looked rough.  I cleaned out the bore and oiled it and I got the 4 top holes to play. I remembered the mop trick and got out my drill and started polishing. I was able to get it buffed smooth.  I oiled it again and assembled the flute and it played  like a charm.

Thanks for the tip and I thought I would pass this on.

A happy Whistler and Flautist.
Yours truly,
Vance Whelpy