Whistle rack from a whistle player

Whistle Rack from the Whistlesmith

Recently, Rod Brewer, The Whistlesmith, invited me to try out one of his many “whistle innovations.”  I am the very satisfied owner of 9 of his creations.

In an attempt to keep them from damage when not in use (curious house dogs can be harmful to unattended musical instruments) I made fabric cases for them. However, that places the whistles out of sight and it took time to get them out.  If you’re busy, as most of us are, you may only have a few minutes to practice a few tunes!  And since each is a functional, handmade work of art, they are worthy of display.      

The Whistlesmith has solved the problem by repurposing the half-circle bracket that is used to attach thumb rings to the whistles. He accomplished this by drilling a recessed hole in the center of the back of each of them.

Whistle Rack Empty
Empty whistle rack

The bracket is then attached to an appropriate piece of wood as a backing to be hung on a wall or door. I chose to order a 6″ by 18″ by 5/8″ sign plaque to hold all 9 of my whistles. After staining it, the brackets were attached with 1/2″ wood screws.  You may be as creative as you wish, but assembling the project is quick and easy.  I know you’ll be pleased with the results and have your musical “companions” out for all to admire as well as instantly accessible! 

Happy whistling!

Penny – a Whistlesmith Whistle Player