Letters about penny whistles – Some feedback from friends of the whistlesmith

Some Penny Whistle notes from our friends

Thanks to all the folks that have purchased WhistleSmith whistles and flutes over the past twenty years.  The WhistleSmith brand has been developed with input from musicians from all over the world, who have given their time, opinions and expertise.

I craft all the whistles and flutes in my shop  here in Maine, using modern machinery and cutting tools.  I handcraft all my own pattern jigs to cut, polish and ream. My shop setups are unique to building WhistleSmith whistles and contribute to the overall performance and appearance of every instrument.

Today, many new materials, coatings and tools are being invented that will make  WhistleSmith whistles and flutes even better.

This year, the slant cut router bits I was able to obtain from MLCS, made cutting mouthpiece parts more precise than ever before.  

The different key whistles and flutes all share new coatings, tubing and air caps that let me standardize parts.  Standard parts keep down costs and make for a better product with less variation in the fit and finish of the instruments.

Here is a small sample of the notes we enjoy receiving so much.

Hi Rod,

My Low D whistle has arrived safely, and what a beauty! I was taking a gamble with this whistle as I have tiny hands and short arms; I wear child size gloves because small woman’s are far too big, and I also suffer from arthritis in my fingers, so stretching can be a problem. I am delighted to say I was able to play it immediately without worrying about using the piper’s grip! I love the sound too!     


Whistle arrived this afternoon, thank you very much, it sounds beautiful.


Mr. Brewer, just wanted to let you know I am enjoying my whistle. I was a little concerned at first since it was so much larger in circumference than my other whistle but I have found that it is better for my arthritic fingers this way. I am also (most of the time) able to have all fingers down and get out a decent note. It was so exasperating before with my other whistle to know what I wanted to play, to be able to read the music and yet all I could get out of the whistle was nothing or else a squeal.

With the holidays I have not had a lot of time to devote to my whistle but I certainly intend to keep at it and to continue to practice. I am just happy that at the moment, I have moved beyond “Mary had a little lamb”.

Thank you so much.    

The story started a number of years back when I had a big ole low D whistle.

When the arthritis in my hands started to worsen I found I couldn’t play it any longer so I got rid of it. Just last week I came across one of your Low G whistles on Ebay over

here. I bought it and am so delighted that I can handle it I came along to your web-site to investigate. Now I see that your Low D has similar fingering distances I am very interested.      James.

Just received my low E flat whistle and I must say I am super impressed! Great full tone and it plays easily in the upper range.

Thank you so much!        

Making whistles is truly a blessing! My wife and I really enjoy the letters and photos we receive from so many folks all over the globe.